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How do you think – who sold more books, Stephen King or Oprah? And is Stephen King an extrovert? I have doubts.

Being an introvert is something that is quite misunderstood in our time and generation.  Often perceived as rude or arrogant, introverts aren’t as lonesome as some would make it seem.  As writers, there are advantages to being an introvert; there are also some points that may be taken as disadvantages to being an introvert.

Writers spend a lot of time alone, thinking, crafting, writing, creating; all things necessary to the actual craft of writing.  While introverts would rather be alone with their thoughts, extroverts find pleasure in being with others discussing ideas, which has garnered the recent name of “group think” in our society.  The advantages of “group thinks” and collaborations with multiple people and multiple ideas cannot be denied.  Some would argue that introverts miss out on this very important human experience and that we, as a world are missing out on the creativity that introverts seem to hoard.  Introverts, however, may argue that their ideas get published untouched and protected from others ideas in their purest and best forms from one source of thinking.  Introverts share their ideas with the world still, just not before they have had time to process and become comfortable with them.

Introverted writers can dedicate a massive amount of time to researching a topic.  They can lose themselves in hours of writing and reading, times like this are crucial and critical to their creativity process.  They don’t miss the “outside” world or the hustle and bustle or the constant stimulation of other people going about their daily lives.  While this is conducive to their work and creative progress, it may not be conducive to relationships with anyone once they resurface from their work.  Introverts generally value a few close people rather than major groups of acquaintances but no matter the number of people they are going back to after submerging themselves in work, introverts can find it hard to rejoin the rest of the world after a writing project.

Extraverts are more likely to noticeably balance their work and play time but introverts, since they stay close to home and to themselves mostly, are more prone to procrastinating on jobs.  Being an introvert does not make someone a work-a-holic and therefore, introverts can fall into the trap of procrastinating on their writing. While extroverts can sometimes thrive under pressure and deadlines, introverts mostly don’t.  Being rushed and feeling cornered by deadlines does not encourage a flurry of winning work under pressure from an introvert.  The pressure of writing deadlines can destroy them, causing them to panic and go further into themselves, losing focus of their piece and their creativity.

There are many myths that surround introverts and extroverts, mainly favoring extroverts. But the fact is our world would have no art, no music, and no writing without introverts.  Not to say that extroverts can’t provide art as well, but our world depends on the existence and balance between introverts and extroverts.  Introverted writers must deal with their burdens of creativity and balance it with words and feelings both experienced and written.

This post was written by Stephen Rooney. He is an in-house research papers writer and editor at Freshessays, a company that offers essay writing services on a variety of topics. In his free time he likes to spend time playing drums and reading classic literature.



  1. I believe introvert writers are able to connect with their readers way more easily than extroverts.

    Introverts are generally better at one-on-one interactions, while extroverts are better with groups.

    An extrovert would also spend a lot of energy writing a book, while an introvert will most likely recharge their batteries from this. Yay introvert writers! 🙂
    Andrew@The Shyness Cure´s last post ..5 Facebook Photos that Instantly Attract Beautiful Women

  2. It is a known fact that introverts are better writers and generally do better at solo activities like this 🙂

    An extrovert might just be better at coordinating a team of 3-4 or even more authors that write one book, though!

    Both come with their positives and negatives. I don’t believe introverts are superior to extroverts or the other way around. They’re both good in their own area.
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  3. Generally what i feel, introverts are great writers, they can’t express themselves in front of large audience or with a group but they can share what they feel into their write ups. A perfectness reflects into their writing. Where there an extrovert use some bombastic words into their article and introvert writes a simple yet engaging article.
    Tauseef Alam@MBA Frog´s last post ..Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education MBA SMU 2013-2014

  4. Interesting article, but seeing from his profile that he’s a writer and editor, I’m surprised that there’s a few grammatical and spelling errors!

  5. TheShytrovert on

    I am fairly certain that Stephen King is an introvert. I watched an interview on a talk show (can’t remember which) with King, John Cougar Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett. Apparently they are collaborating on a musical. I know, weird. Anyway, Stephen was very quiet and looked kind of pained to be sitting there. JCM was pretty obnoxious, btw, he must be an extrovert. LOL.

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