Review – Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead


Jonathan Mead gave me the e-book Reclaim Your Dreams to read and review on this site, and I wanted to share it with you all. It doesn’t have anything to do with being an introvert per se, but it is all about allowing ourselves to have those crazy dreams in life and actually pursue them instead of feeling like prisoners of our “safe” choices like an 8-5 job, marriage, 2.1 kids, and that sort of thing. That subject matter is among my very favorite things to read – finding our passion in life and going after it, so I thought that might also be true of you, at least if you’re an INFx. šŸ™‚

This book starts by helping us to allow ourselves to have those dreams – to admit what we really want in life. The book guides us to figure our true dreams, then our purpose in life, and and then our core values, to find an intersection that will allow us to define ourselves on our own terms. He includes exercises for us to do, of course, because everyone is different, so he can’t tell thousands of people what they want in life or what matters most to them.

Once we figure out what we really want, the book helps us to find ways to make that happen, even if we have bills to pay and obligations in life. I was really glad to see that, because it really means nothing to me to see someone who has a spouse or parents paying the bills tell me they have “quit their job.” I want to see how people who are trudging to the office every day to pay a mortgage and/or a car payment are supposed to be able to allow themselves dreams, and Jonathan came through for me in a wonderful way.

Sometimes we just need to stop having the tunnel vision and sense of resignation that we often have about our lives and let someone else show us how free we actually are to live deliberately, the way we want to. Jonathan is great at that, and this book was a true pleasure to read.

If you feel stuck in life and want permission to get a fresh look and start all over, have a look at Reclaim Your Dreams or you can check out Jonathan’s blog free of charge and get some great inspiration!



  1. I like reading very much and I would like to say you that you have recommended me a good e book to read.It seems quite inspiring book and you have given nice review of Reclaim your dream.I like that this book guides us to figure our true dreams.

  2. ‘Reclaim Your Dreams’ seems full of positive book after reading your review about it.I am quite impressed with this book that it guides us to figure out our purpose in life and helps us to find ways to make that happen.Now I am eager to read this book.

  3. Having dreams and balancing them with the responsibilities of life is one of the true challenges we face here on this planet. If one can find a way to love their career or at least cherish the small positive moments at their otherwise mundane job, then life flows much more freely.
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  4. I really agree with the fact that having some goals is a very good thing in life and trying to realize our dreams is one of the best way to reach the top and to be happy. But what can be a book if we do not take the decision to follow our dreams?
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