My new ebook for and about introverted students!


I have a little surprise that should be good for all of you who are young and still have parents or teachers saying or implying that you should “come out of your shell.” (Whatever that means)!

You may remember that about three years ago I asked readers who were students to answer a short survey about what their obstacles were in life as well as what they’d like from their parents/teachers – and what advice they’d give introverted students. I got some amazing answers! Over 120 students each wrote three long, thoughtful answers and sent to me. All of the answers were of super quality, and of course they made me furious at the parents and teachers who were making life unnecessarily hard for these innocent young people. But then I kept trying to create a big book, and it was taking FOREVER. I got discouraged and decided that I had nothing new to say that hasn’t been said all over the internet, by other books, etc., so I never “finished” it.

Finally I have decided that even the little book I have (15,000 words) needs to be seen – especially by those parents/teachers and by introverted students who feel alone. I chose a lot of the best comments that really spoke for many, contacted the students for permission to publish, then added a bit of my own advice (STERN advice for your parents/teachers, haha)! I realize that these adults are not ones to Google about how to be nice to introverts, but they DO have Kindles and iPads. So now it’s in the Kindle store: I’ll Be in My Room. Note – you don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can install a free Kindle app on your PC or MAC or iPad and it will be sent there.

Then I hope you can get the folks who note, “Hey, Justin finally said something!” to read it. 😉 If you like it, I’d be honored if you’d write a review on Amazon. If you don’t like it, well, you know introverts don’t want to be scolded in public 🙂 so just send me a message. If there are topics you’d like to see me cover in future booklets, please also let me know.

Thank you all for your support!



  1. What a brilliant book. I know a young man of 18 who is off to University and doesn’t know how he will cope because his current “friends” tell him he is weird. He is just your basic run of the mill introvert, who doesn’t appreciate that everyone is different and some people thrive better when they’re not constantly being sociable. He’s great just as he is and I will be sending him your book.

  2. My brother to this day is still an introvert. Yet I have two sisters who are very social and out-going! I use to think there was something I could have done when we were younger to help him get out of his shell but then I realized, he doesn’t like being around big crowds of people. I guess it’s no different than those who appreciate a topic like public speaking and those that severely dread it. I definitely don’t believe it’s something that easily conquered without a lot of work

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