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Dear Introvert Zone,

I’m interested in becoming a leader in my local Masonic Lodge and becoming WM (basically, the leader for one Masonic year). I’m even taking a class–offered by my Lodge–on leadership and being an Excellent Lodge Leader.

But the class is based around general leadership skills and tips (delegation, etc). Do you have any tips for an ISTJ (on the Myers-Briggs Personality Scale) who’s interested in this kind of thing?


The Masonic Time Lord

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  1. I usually test as INTJ, but I have some S traits, so I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t think we make natural leaders the way that extroverts do, but if you approach leadership like a skill that can be learned, it’s doable. Check out the management/leadership section of your local bookstore or library–there are lots of how-to guides available.

  2. I test as an INTJ. I think that some introverts have the advantage of truly knowing people on the inside (partly by avoiding small-talk and moving onto more meaningful topics). I think you can use this to your advantage in leadership roles by really knowing what makes people tick and what their special skills are. All a good leader really needs is a direction and the confidence to follow it consistently. If you can arrange people where they feel fulfilled in their roles you’re off to a good start. (It’s like life is one big safari adventure or something!)

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