Introverts and Holidays


I thought you might like a place to unload about what’s going on in the next few weeks. Many of you will be traveling to see relatives – or having relatives come and visit you! And of course there are the endless things that are added into your schedule – every job or school or other involvement in your life will want to have a “holiday party.”  How are you handling it all?

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  1. Unfortunately I am not the boss at my place of work. Else, I’d abolish the always after working hours Christmas Party. I went to last year’s party as I was a new employee, but noticed that some employees did not attend. So I will not attend this year. I have no need of it. I see my co-workers more hours a day than I do my family. Our party this year is actually after I start my vacation. So I am going to enjoy my vacation.

  2. The holidays are tiring but when you have the love of the family that really warms one up just as long as you get some alone time to recharge! Which I certainly did a lot of…

  3. Halloween is the worst for me, I am always the one not wearing a costume. My family is very socially active, and that’s good for them but not me. People assume that introverts are mean. Were not mean, we just dont like to talk to people, there is a difference.

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