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Dear Introvert Zone,

I am an introvert with some extroverted tendencies. I have a two and half year old son who is very extroverted. He loves going to creche and being with other kids all day, then comes home and talks and talks. It’s awesome that he talks so much and likes to converse with me, but I get to a point where I have had a big day of teaching and dealing with co-workers and then to have to talk to the husband, by the time I get 5 minutes with my little man I am exhausted and sometimes I am not very patient. How do other parents deal with their extroverted children without going insane from being drained?

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  1. I can relate to you! I am an introvert mom also, who just like to be left alone to do my task even in the house but when this little boy of mine just barge in the house and blurt out all about his day and his friends, it seems my ears breakdown. then he will stop and stare at me and tell me straight in the eye and tell me that I am not listening. I have to really try harder to change this mode. It is good that my kid open up on me and me? I am not a good listener and doesn’t reciprocate much. My new years resolution would be that I will be more a listemer to my boy and hubby who is also a very talkative person.
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    For me, you have to exert more patience with your kid, talk to him whenever he wants to share something with you, I agree with Tina that if you always think about introverted things you might end up having problems with the future of your son.
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  3. My cousin and brother were both very extroverted. My Aunt was a single mother who worked long hours and our cousin stayed with us most of the time, like having another brother. What my mother ended up doing was setting aside a designated time where we all had to be away, she would say I need this time for quiet so at ___ o’clock come back and tell me all about it. Then when they came back, she was more relaced and more prepared to listen to them. It’s a strategy I later used when I was babbysitting him and with my roomate who was also a highly extroverted person. It’s not bad parenting to take some time for yourself if you need it (speaking from the childs prespective) Your son will surely understand, if not right now in time, and will be much more appreaciative to have your full attention rather than your forced attention I think. Hope this helps!

    • Nice! I’ve done that too and it’s meant i’ve been more able to be present for my extroverted loved ones instead of being a stressed, irritable, drained mess!

  4. I pass the same situation. My 9 year old daughter is a very extroverted girl, but I do not. Sometimes she returns from school and talk much. I love my daughter, but I confess that I do not have much patience …
    Thank you!

  5. My daughter is also 7 and I also deal with the same problem. She keeps on talking whenever she returns from school or sometimes, she keeps on repeating topics we’ve already talked about many times for the past few days. It sometimes gets on my nerve but I also keep my patience by telling her “we’ve already talked about that last time” or “can we discuss about it later because I’m not in a mood now for a chit-chat, baby.” When it comes to traits, she’s more of her father but she gets a lot of time with me.

  6. Now that’s a really big challenge you have there. I think that you cannot avoid being in that kind of situation BUT you can try to lessen the frequency. My suggestion is to put a diversion of his energy to something where he wouldn’t be needing to talk to you. When you feel exhausted during a day’s chores/duties, and you feel like your son will be there to add up to it, then prepare a diversion. Something he’d be busy with without you. A game or a toy, a cartoon show, etc. When he got tired, I’m sure he’d be asleep fast and wouldn’t bug you that much. I hope this helps!

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