Introvert withdraws, partner can’t reach her


Dear Introvert Zone,

The situation is as follows. We were both in straight marriages and are both moms.
We left our marriages and chose this life together.
After the initial chemical of being in love became less prevalent she began to “withdraw”.
Finding out not long ago that she is an introvert by nature and her withdrawal was not away from me but more so it’s her nature. With knowing this about herself there are many events in her life that make more sense, events prior to me.

According to the Meyer-Briggs I am a INFP. And the 3 times I have taken it have had generally the same result. I also have some co-dependency traits that I didn’t know until recent and am addressing them the best I can at this moment.

She is pretty much done and meets everything I try or try not to do with anger. She feels incredibly guilty for leaving her marriage, it was easy there, and normal. We live in an incredibly religious and possibly homophobic area, and she’s dealing with her teenage son who just wants her to be “normal”. She appears to hate me. I know that common for E’s to “feel” that about I’s, but really, she can’t stand being around me. She says I have damaged her introversion and wishes she could go back to her life before. She was less challenged and there was less stress.

I’m pulling at straws…
If you can give me some insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about what’s happened. This doesn’t seem like an introvert situation. This seems more like a depression response to a life decision. She seems to be in a transitional period where she is second guessing her decision. You may want to speak to her about this and ask her about seeking some counseling with you.

    Good luck to you and her – I am sure a counselor will be able to better help her uncover some of the turmoil she is feeling inside so she feel better about her decision and the world around her.
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  2. That’s really a shame that the teenage son is upset with the Mom for simply being the way she is naturally. Teenagers aren’t exactly small children and should have some level of understanding of alternative lifestyles in this day and age, methinks. It clearly wasn’t an easy choice for anyone involved and maybe he should show some understanding and caring for his Mother!
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  3. In this case it is also the parents’ fault if their child are not happy with the way they are. They should consider their children’s situation. It would be great if they are open to go with the flow with the modern world.

  4. It would be best if you try to talk it out with her. Because things might have happened fast and that made so many realizations in the end. I hope that you guys end up being friends even if you decided to withdraw the relationship that you are in.

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