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I don’t have a specific question. Just some thoughts and a bit of my story to share in hopes for some insightful opinions in return. I am a full blown introvert and the good this is so is my mother so she is easily my best friend since their is such a strong understanding their. But I am 18 soon to be 19 and I just moved out of my moms house and across the country to live with me sister. An over the top extrovert.

I find myself thrown into myself thrown into my sister life, in her enviorment surround by het friends. She is very involved in the church and so it is expected of me to be equally involved in the churn especially since my cousin is the pastor. But I can’t help but notice my quite mannerisims make every one uncomfortable and I feel as though they pity.

Everyone feels the need to invite me to things and poke at me for answers because since I’m introverted I must have a tale of woe. Are their others out there who have experienced this? Advice, tips, opinions and story’s ? P.s in at a friends house right now and I can’t sleep I’d do anything to be at home ALONE in my own little world, just saying (;

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  1. I get the same feeling quite often. Any time I am in a social situation, I am perfectly content sitting and observing. Yet, so often others will come over to me to ask me questions and it feels like I am a ten year old being schooled in socialization. I am involved in a church group in which I just enjoy the company, but I have been told on more than one occasion that they think I am younger than I am because I seem so unsure of myself and insecure. Truth is, I am just an introvert. I am a very sure and secure introvert.

    I would say that we are all taught from a young age to be sure to include everyone and it is considered rude if you do not. We are rarely taught that some people wish to not be included and are more than happy to be spectators.
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  2. I think part of the trick is having confidence in your introversion, just having confidence that your personality is created beautifully as it is, and that while growth is necessary for all of us, no one needs to make you be a different person. I have come to accept this over time, and now very few people question my way of being. It does take time, though. I’d say the first thing is being able to say, “There is nothing wrong with being an introvert,” and just smiling contentedly when people try to be patronizing.

  3. It may not be as bad as you think it is, the introvert mentality you have might just make you feel as though people are bothering you. This might be normal and happen to everyone although it would be my idea of hell!
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  4. Don’t worry, things only get better! You will find people whose company you enjoy who have a lot in common with you, and eventually you will have your own space somewhere without other people trying to save you from being alone. It took me a little while to find that I really need my space, and I was able to move into a small studio apartment by myself. I enjoy occasionally going out socially, but the best part is being able to come home to my little space. Others can pity me all they want.

  5. An introvert can actually be a strong person who just don’t socialize much. I as an introvert, I find other people as fickle or simple minded. I find extrovert people as weak since they need someone else to be strong. An introvert will always be a survivor since they are mostly at peace starting with themselves.

  6. I solve that kinds of situations by giving people short and determined answers with a smile. Like when they start offering me the food from the table like I cannot take what I want myself. I just say “Don’t worry, I’ll help myself in a minute”, and I smile.

    It’s a bother, I know, but they get tired bothering me, soon enough if they have an answer that makes them think they took care of me.

  7. We are all created differently. Everyone has got something to offer in their unique ways regardless of whether your are an introvert or otherwise. It is when you begin to accept who you really are, comes the realization that other people’s opinion of you won’t matter much and that will eventually just fade out from the surface. However, for some word of advice, why don’t you try stepping out a little from your comfort zone. Experiment what it’s like for you to be at the other side of the road. Who knows you can be happier with both.
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