How to Get Over Yourself and Finally Accomplish Your Goals


Most people set goals, be it personal or professional. These can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals. Some people even have five and ten year plans. But how many actually meet their goals? And if not, why?

Sure, sometimes outside influences can be an issue, but usually it’s something the person has done personally. A lot of the time the biggest obstacle stopping you from accomplishing your goals is yourself. The follow tips can help you get over yourself and get your goals accomplished.

Dream, but Stay Focused

It’s great to have lofty dreams of what you want to accomplish, but if you want those dreams to turn into reality, you have to stay focused. And you have to work at it. Quite often you’ll have a goal in mind (owning my own house by the time I’m 25) but haven’t worked out the details on how to make that happen. Plan out what you need to do to make that happen and then do it!

Most goals worth having require hard work, sometimes years of it. Break it down into smaller steps, so that the task doesn’t seem too large. Taking a dream one step at a time will not only keep you on goal, but will help you to see just how doable it really is.


So, you want to be a world-renown architect and you seem to have a gift for it? Having talent in a chosen area and succeeding are two completely different things. Get over your desire for instant celebrity and practice. After all, practice does make perfect, but in this age of reality TV and instant stardom, that’s very easy to forget.

Tell Your Inner Critic to Shut Up

Ever heard of self-sabotage? Bet your inner critic has. Quite often as we’re working towards a goal, our inner critic says such wonderfully helpful things like “You can’t do this”, “You aren’t smart enough”, and “You’ll never reach your goal.” The key is to be aware of this negative self talk and tell it to shut up. There are lots of books that deal specifically with turning negative self talk into positive self talk.

Be Bold, Not Scared

Setting goals and meeting them can sometimes be pretty scary, especially if that goal means drastically changing your life and going against your nature. If your goal is to work in Paris but you are nervous about moving away from friends, family and everything you know, you could find the closer you get to that goal, the less you do to make it happen. When this happens you have two choices: change your goal or, take a deep breath and push through.

Another thing that helps is to continue to remind yourself why you want the goal and what the positive results of accomplishing that goal will be – sometimes it is easy to let the fear of something, such as social anxiety overwhelm the joy that the could come of making the goal and facing the fear itself.

Have any tips for our readers on how you got over yourself and were able to accomplish your goals?

About the Author: Vern is a freelance writer for Marriage Fitness. They offer free marriage counseling and marriage help on their website to any married couple.



  1. Having a goal is the first step- knowing how to execute it is pivotal. I’ve wasted so much time because my efforts weren’t highly focused or I got too far ahead of myself without creating a foundation for my tasks. If you haven’t read the 4 Disciplines of Execution you should- it helped solve my problem with this and establish an effective plan of attack: building on smaller goals that always reflect and work toward the larger one. Thanks for the great post!

  2. First up great article – and very important for anyone still being their own worst enemy.

    For me the title was the winner “Get over yourself” – I think if more introverted people were indeed to get over themselves they’d realize that it was only themselves holding them back. I used to be painfully shy and introverted and could see myself going farther and farther into my shell and one day it was like an external voice said “Alison, get a grip. Look at yourself girl!” – and I did!

    Now I’m out meeting new people every day as an intern with a wedding photography company – now THERE’s a quick way to stop being nervous and self-destructively shy!
    Alison Macdonald@Wedding Photography Edinburgh´s last post ..Congratulations…

  3. “Get over your desire for instant celebrity….” Err – don’t know many introverts that actually do want celebrity, instant or otherwise.

    That aside, there’s a couple of good suggestions in here. Thank you for writing.

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