GOAL: Working from Home

Although introverts can be very happy in normal workplace situations, I have had a lifelong urge to break away and be on my own. I’d like to plan my work according to what’s going on in my life. Perhaps I’d like to start work very early one day, ending early too. Or maybe I want to spend the middle part of the day with a family member then do more work that evening. That’s sort of possible with the job I have, but it would be even better if I only had to plan and schedule my own work – and my schedule didn’t interfere with anyone else’s expectations.

I do appreciate having a steady paycheck, of course, so I’m not about to just quit my job and hope the universe will come through for me. Instead, I use a lot of my free time pursuing ways of making little income streams here and there. Some readers have asked me about this site or other projects, so I’ll keep a list of tools I’m using on this page. Links you click here may be affiliate links (those which would pay me a commission if you purchase through them).

Blogging – I have a number of small websites devoted to various niches.

My sites are hosted on BlueHost and have been for five years. BlueHost has friendly, expert tech support, and one thing I’ve really enjoyed is that I can host unlimited domains on one account for a low price (currently on sale for $4.95/month as of July 2013).

I use self-hosted WordPress, with the SmartMag theme. It was very easy to set up, and I love the way it looks.

I’m an Amazon Affiliate. That means that when someone goes to Amazon through one of my links, I receive a 4% commission on their order. That doesn’t increase their price; it’s just a commission that Amazon pays me.

Kindle books – I have published one small Kindle book and am working on a couple more.

You can set up a free account with Amazon as a publisher and write and upload as many Kindle books as you like.

For formatting Word documents so that they work as Kindle books, and for designing simple covers, I used Fiverr. Although every “gig” on Fiverr is $5, it took several gigs to produce the cover for my introvert ebook. Still, once you’ve taken the trouble to write an ebook, it’s nice to get it formatted properly.


I’ve always wanted to write a mystery – a real murder mystery. I’m currently creating my characters and already have the plot figured out. Of course some of my characters are lovable introverts, but I must remember to make some of them annoyingly talkative. 🙂 Once it’s written, I will self-publish it on Amazon Kindle Store.