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Dear IntrovertZone,

First of all, even though I’m an extrovert, I’ve enjoyed the site, which have given me plenty to think about, as I have started to identify several friends as introverts, even past relationships.

A recent question I have on my mind about introverts is, how is it that as an introvert, does one retain a internet presence? I’ve notice that amongst several of my introverted friends, they have a different persona when online. Introverted friends become more outspoken, mannerisms change drastically. Is is just my friends who are a special case, or do many introverts have the same situation? Or is it just a personal perspective, since I have difficulty separating my real life personality with internet personality?



  1. I personaly find it easier to be more outspoken and active online as it is much less taxing. I can beter control the incoming stimulation and can take all the time I want to compose my thoughts before putting them out there. Also i have always comunicated better in writing than in person.

  2. I am different online as well. I’ve always been bookish and writing comes naturally to me as a form of expression. It’s easier to make people listen to you when you aren’t competing with extroverts for a lull in the conversation to jump in. I prefer writing to get my points across, so the internet is great fun for me. I am exuberant, comedic at times, and completely absent at others. I don’t feel like I’m in a crowd online, I’m at home in my pajamas. My mind set is relaxed and confident.

    • TheTravelingHermit on

      I troll online sometimes too. Not sure why. I NEVER misbehave in public. In the real world, I’m very concerned and eager to help others. Maybe being a jerk online lets me vent frustrations that would be too dangerous to vent in public. It’s tough enough being an introverted American as it is. I guess the Internet gives me the opportunity to be a twerp in a way that’s not REALLY harmful meanwhile saving me from burning bridges with ‘real’ people.

  3. I could say if I was been cynical that an extrovert bouncing into an introverts forum and asking them all questions about their ways of life is exactly the kind of full on-ness that makes me want to be left alone. (This was supposed to be taken light heatedly so no offense meant!)
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  4. Michaela Chung on

    That’s a great observation. And kudos for taking an interest in introverts even though you are an extrovert. As an introvert, I find it much easier to express myself in writing than verbally. This is because I have time to formulate my thoughts. Likewise, I’m great at giving speeches because I can rehearse what I will say. When surrounded by fast-talking extroverts, I find it difficult to verbalize my thoughts quickly enough to keep up.

  5. introverts, when online, don’t have to deal with awkward silences (or having to fill in silence), or eye contact, “saying the right thing” (because one can easily just close the tab and move on if we don’t feel like we need to say something). It’s much easier and less risky, and less draining to type a smiley face than to actually smile at someone.

    Plus we get extra time to compose our thoughts into something we are happy with (introverts take time to think inside, then present the final, finished product), and then post it online, without having the pressure of someone else waiting. Browsing the internet is a solitary activity too, so that gives us more energy. Extroverts might use the internet as a social tool (introverts can do this too) or to organise social outings, but I’ve noticed that more introverts are happy with browsing the internet as being a hobby. We get to learn in depth about intricate topics at our own pace, and usually in a quiet location, and perhaps even under anonymity. Less extroverts could spend hours on a computer because they wouldn’t be getting that social stimulation.

  6. “They have a different persona when online.” Well, different persona not only when online but for me most of the time, we are choosing what persona to show when we are in different groups. And it isn’t that hard to compose our thoughts into words when online.

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  8. I thing we could express our self online better than in real life and we make a huge number of friend -ships , you know why ? That’s because in real life we are very sensitive and we understand the person who is talking to us through his body langue , ( how he talk , how he look to us , is he really interested in talking with us or Would be get bored , he is considering our parole with regard or no ? do he respect us ? etc …. ) because of that we don’t talk to everyone easily with our real funny personality .
    we talk to every one with The way compatible for with his character.

    Completely contrary when we act on chat , that’s because if the other person is just typing some texts , you can’t easily Remarque how he think , what he is doing while talking with u , do he really respect you or don’t , do he like you or he is a Liar ?

    And because we are not Speedy ​​in judgment at other persons , online relations can take years and years , but at the end after long friend ships we discover that being lonely was the best choice !

  9. Oftentimes, it is easier for us to put our thoughts out into the world in a manner that does not require us to react immediately to any responses and that gives us time to discuss issues properly instead of forcing us into a face-to-face-situation; it sort of takes away the feeling of being rushed, of having to defend oneself.

  10. I have always been a better writer than a speaker. In some ways, how I write and how I am online is the real me. It’s not a persona. It’s just much easier to express myself online, with barriers and less stimulation, than it is verbally and face to face. Having an online presence is much less threatening. I have always been a writer so I feel that IS the real me.

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