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General introvert life.

Introvert Traits
60 Asking an introvert for an outrageous favor may make him hate you

I expend a lot of energy just going through the work day interacting with others, so I simply do not have the energy to defend myself in a pleasantly assertive way against a pushy person with no boundaries. I know I would NEVER ask someone for an unreaonsable favor, and I (unreasonably) expect others to live by the same rules I do! When they don’t, I am angry and I really want to avoid them.

Introvert Traits
36 What is an introvert?

One day a coworker who really knew me said to me, “Seems to me you like being with people and you have plenty of friends. But after being with people a long time, you are drained. Is that correct?” YES! What does that mean? It means I am an introvert.

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