Book review – The Personality Puzzle: Understanding What Makes People Tick


I just read an awesome ebook, The Personality Puzzle: Understanding What Makes People Tick, and it has helped me to see another dimension as far as personality goes. I’m an introvert, and a lot of the people I work with are introverts, but some of them are so different from me that I didn’t understand them at all! To be frank I actually thought some of them were jerks.  Likewise I’d wondered how some of the other people I knew even managed to get to work every day, 🙂 because they didn’t seem to care about things like what time it was, even on a week day.  I decided it was time to find a resource to read about broader personality topics than just introversion-extroversion, and this ebook answered my questions in a way that was like taking off glasses that were the wrong prescription for me. I can see everyone very clearly now!

The Personality Puzzle: Understanding What Makes People Tick reveals the mysteries behind those four letters of the Myers-Briggs types and has already helped me to see the people around me in a brand new light. I had previously taken the free personality tests on the internet and was always confused by a couple of letters that I never seemed to get a clear answer on about my own type, but this ebook also helped me to figure out which way my preference went for each letter so I could find my true four-letter type. Often the questions on those tests are worded in a way that makes me want to ask, “Um, what did you mean there….this…or this…?” but Hunter explains to us the real meaning behind each letter and the preferences, complete with examples that make this subject very clear! The book does not include a copy of the test (you can find free versions over the web), but instead it provides guidance on what the letters mean and how to decide which ones are our true preferences.

The Personality Puzzle: Understanding What Makes People Tick was written by personal development blogger/author Hunter Nuttall, and he has done a lot of digging into the psychological research information available and presented it to us in an understandable yet really thorough way. He gives great explanations and numerous examples of each concept, and that really helped me to figure out my own type, which is INFJ, without a doubt! Hunter is an introvert, and like many of us he has a wicked wit. There was enough evidence of that wit in the ebook to make the reading lots of fun! I am really glad I didn’t purchase a boring textbook in order to learn about the MBTI types!

This ebook has opened up a whole new world for me, as I can tell the probable types of my family and coworkers, and now I know how to deal with them and understand their preferences (and therefore the reasons they act the way they do)!  It’s such a relief to know why people value some of the things they do and yet pay no attention to other things – things that I might find very important! The Personality Puzzle: Understanding What Makes People Tick could save a relationship in a marriage or at work, especially between two people with very different personality types. I wish I had known about all this stuff even when first deciding on a major in college, frankly, but I can certainly put it to good use now. Check it out and see if you think it could help you to navigate this world of other people a bit better.



  1. Thanks for reviewing my ebook! While everyone knows the word “introvert,” it’s surrounded by a lot of misunderstanding. And when you throw in the other measures that haven’t entered the public consciousness, there’s a whole lot the average person doesn’t know about personality types!

    The introvert club has a very broad membership. As you’ve noticed, two people can both be introverts while still being very different from each other. But in the same way that introverts and extraverts can learn to peacefully coexist, different kinds of introverts can as well.

    I’m looking forward to that interview, and I’ll get back to you with my answers as soon as I can!

    • Hi Hunter! Your book was a pleasure to read, and I am still going back to re-read and work through the last parts of it about dominant, auxiliary, etc., functions, because this is the stuff I have never seen before. It’s obvious that you had to do a lot of heavy-duty reading to get this information for us, and I’m grateful to have it explained in such a clear manner, along with some fun humor. I’m looking forward to the interview too, and I know all the Introvert Zone readers are! 🙂

    • Oh Nick you’ll love it. As a personal development junkie you’ll enjoy digging into this subject because it’ll provide you with information for all the various personality types – and of course you’ll also love to read Hunter’s writing.

  2. great post! I just subscribed to Hunter’s blog after I read your interview interview with him. What about an EXTREME extravert who doesn’t believe in the psychology of personality? Is he a particular type? I’ve written him off as a hopeless case since I just cannot make sense of him. Likewise, he thinks calling myself an introvert is simply an excuse to be anti-social… because that’s a trait we all strive for :]

    I’ll have to check out this ebook. Maybe he’s not a lost cause after all…

    • Hi AL! Thank you! After reading the ebook, you may be able to type him, but you may never convince him that any of it is true. That’s OK; you’ll still learn what he cares most about and a little bit more about how he sees things. It’s really useful – and often amusing – to start noticing things about the people around you and guessing their types.

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  4. I figure if you are going to spend 8-10 hours a day with these people you had better understand and accept them and this book totally teaches you that. Now you can ask and expect exactly what it is you need from them and get the results your looking for. This book is amazing and anyone who works with people should read it. It will change your outlook and give you such acceptance of all types of people. This material is very very simple to understand unlike so many other personality systems.

    • I agree. I would never have figured this stuff out just by taking tests online and hearing my and others’ four-letter type. This book explains it all so well – and I’m really able to figure out the type of just about everyone around me and as you said, accept them and their preferences.

  5. I couldn’t believe this was a required text for my Personality Theories undergraduate course…it read like a novel! Unbelievably easy to read book, highly organize with bits of humor scattered throughout. You’ll enjoy this book for both class and personal reading.

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