How can this reader enjoy introversion – and still pay the bills?


Hi guys!

I’m an introvert. Since then, I go to school without participating class recitation and extra curricular activities except for the ones that are mandatory. I managed to finish it by high marks in quizzes and written exams, and handmade projects, my outlet for creativity. I can let the day pass without saying a word to anyone. Sometimes I wished that there’s a job just for answering test papers and not talk to anyone else. People that I know of when I meet on the streets or when I see one, seem to think that I’m avoiding them, when the one I’m avoiding is having to start a conversation. Now, I’m 29 and I still act that way. I have no job for I loathe interviews. I’d like to embrace my introversion but the environment around me is setting up its own limits. Do have any idea on doing this?

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  1. I guess you have the choice to seek for a job that only asks you to do it at home. Why not do that and just use the social media or social messengers as the medium for an interview?

    • Thanks Tina. It might work only if I don’t stutter. My nerves don’t wanna settle down and I end up having difficulty expressing myself.

  2. This really resonates with me. I have asked myself this same question many times. I am exceptionally industrious but can barely get through two meetings a day without being drained of all my energy. Sit me in front of a machine and I can work all day and night.

    I am a computer programmer which makes it easy to work independently and from home, however project management, requirements gathering, managing deadlines etc. all require a lot of interaction with others.

    I don’t really have an answer unfortunately. I am convinced that you can’t make it in the world by yourself. What did you study? Many progressional careers provide a large degree of autonomy.

    • I earned a degree in computer science. I messed up prior to graduation. Teenage pregnancy hit me. When I bounced back from it and tried looking for a job related to my degree, everything seems to be blur. It’s like I don’t know anything. Programming knowledge gone.

    • It’s hard trying when you are the only one who knows being an introvert. Even harder when you get them to understand what you are like. Its frustrating….

  3. I used to be an introvert. It can be lonely. I started slowly trying to meet people. The biggest thing that helped me escape it was realizing that no one is going to punch if you if y0u try to make friends with him or chat them up. I also consulted a hypnotherapist. You should see if there’s one local to you that can help. There’s a whole world out there that you’re missing.
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  4. I think that being absolutely “detached” from the rest of the world may not be a very healthy thing. Being an introvert is not about being alone ALL the time, it’s also about having friends and communication.
    As for jobs, there are plenty of work at home jobs. You can turn your handmade projects into an online business if you want. You can build a website and sell it online. 🙂
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  5. Jobs that I can think of are: anything online, researcher, librarian, editor, curator, data entry, writer, I.T, records management, artist, web & graphics designer.

    As you come from an IT background then perhaps getting into website and app design or SEM management may be something you can do at home. Perhaps you could even start your own business online.

    I would highly recommend seeing a psychologist to help with interview and social anxiety. I have done this myself and it really helped me. You are only limiting yourself and missing out on friendships if you limit yourself.

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