An introvert wonders about physical effects of being an introvert


A 40 year old teacher submitted the following. Do some of you find yourself having less energy than the extroverted people around you?

I am wondering the about the physical nature of being an introvert. I seem to be more tired/drained than my extrovert husband and friends after participating in the same activities.

I also get headaches when during or after too much time around others. The headaches go away if I get a chance to retreat and rest a bit.

Are these introvert side effects?

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  1. SomeCanadianPerson on

    Extroverts get energy from being around people, where introverts get it from doing quiet things. It’s normal that the same activity would be draining for one and invigorating for the other. There are also differences in what kinds of biochemical stimulates them. Adrenaline has more effect on extroverts for example. I have more info in a book, but I gotta get going haha. I’ll post more later, sorry.

  2. I feel the same and I wish that people didn’t need to have group gatherings for everything. I am the happiest and feel the most free alone. It takes me so many hours after events to regroup. I belong to family/friends of extroverts and have been mistaken as one myself. I am an introvert, not shy, but aware of my surroundings at big events. Is this maybe the cause for drainage for other introverts as well? I feel the need to jump in to help out (kids, cleaning, whatever) or to sit with someone who needs to talk. I feel the need to give 100% of myself to whatever I feel needs me.

  3. It’s true that introverts can have their energy drained by being in the outside world, while that tends to energize extraverts. Truth be told, I probably never have as much energy as my extraverted friends. A few weeks ago, after a series of busy weekends wrapped around my fulltime job, I came home so cranky I was not to be lived with, a sure sign of exhaustion for me. The key seems to be finding a balance between the energy drain & replenishing activities. Obviously, that’s something I struggle with, & probably always will.

  4. Hello there. Have you ever took an ADD or ADHD test? Attention disorder extort its deficient without him being awear to the problem. I suffered from sympthoms similare as yours for years untill I discovered that I suffer from ADHD and now I’m able to handle it and 95% of the sympthoms are gone. Much luck to you.
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  5. I used to be introvert for a long time including now, but i think i changed. first i changed my circle of friends, and i become friend to people i had more things in common. After that i had more self confidence and i could talk to people and be more extroverted.
    Good luck 🙂
    barak, physical education teacher
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  6. I think if you get headache when you are staying too much around with others that is not introversion. I guess it is more on not just into a crowded place because my mother has that kind of problem with her. When she is around with so many people she has headache.

  7. I have seen many people who get introvert in their life, I think this I happen because when person think something like for his future and if he will not achieve that things that time may be some persons get introvert.

  8. Yes!! I find that when I’m around too many people too much I just need to relax and get away or I get headaches. It’s a good thing that my boyfriend is kind of introverted too because he’s the only person I never get tired of being around other than my best friend.

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