10 Great ways for introverts to connect with the world


The following is a guest post by Taylor Fowanda. You can find out more about Taylor in the author bio at the end of the post.

As an introvert, you may not feel like opening up to the world. In fact, after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is go socialize. However, in this modern day and age, it does not pay to be too isolated when you’re an adult. It is OK for teenagers or stay at home parents, but not for professionals who need to network and make connections. Here are some tried and true suggestions that can help you overcome your reluctance of social situations. They’ve worked for me and my friends, and we wouldn’t lead you astray!

1) Social Clubs
You can find social clubs in your area online. Many target a specific group of people. Find one that looks like fun and go! If you do not know anyone, then promise yourself to meet five new people in just as many meetings. The best thing about meeting strangers is that you can be whoever you want!

2) A New Sport
If you have always wanted to try a new sport, then now is a perfect time to do it. You will meet new people who share your passion. It will be a great way to talk and relate with others in this new situation. At the end of the day, you will feel more confident too!

3) Join Religious Groups
A religious group is a great way to connect with people through common faith. You can really open up in a trusted circle here. Just make sure you don’t visit a cult (j/k – but not really).

4) Join the Gym
Join a gym! Take a spin class! Talk to the people next to you! It does not have to be big, but try to converse with others. Plus, use your nerves to fuel your workout! Even if you just get to know the teacher, you can really find a meaningful relationship as you and your classmates help each other get through a workout. Health + Friendship = a good time!

5) Join Book Clubs
The best thing about joining a book club is that it’s interesting! Win or lose, you’ve read a good book or two, and perhaps found something meaningful in the story or characters. If you ask me, nothing draws me to new people like a mutual love for TV show or book, so I can’t think of a better idea.

6) Online Dating
This can be tricky. However, meeting someone online can be fun! It might sound weird to the uninitiated, but online dating is becoming more and more common now. If it gets weird or you’re not into it, just sign off. Problem solved. If things are working well, then an online forum or IM session is a great environment to open up in a safe setting, at your own pace.

7) Facebook Social Hour
Talk to people on Facebook for practice, from old friends to family. Just sign onto the chat feature and see who’s available! Even 5 minutes could lead to meeting up for coffee sometime.

8) See a Movie
This is more of a next step, but if you do happen to meet a new friend, going to a movie is a great thing to do with them, because you do not have to talk during a movie, which is nice. However, go for coffee after and discuss the film. You already have a topic picked out and coffee can be brief!

9) Write a Blog
Write a blog documenting your fears and troubles. You may find yourself opening up more online than in the real world. Furthermore, with Tumblr and other social networks out there today, you can easily find a great community that supports you.

10) Make Understanding Friends
Be sure that the friends that you keep in your life are understanding of your troubles. Never be friends with people who force you do things or make you feel uncomfortable. Naturally, you want to keep the same high standards with any new friends you make from the above suggestions!

In conclusion, changing habits will not be easy. However, if you try hard and have a real desire, then anything is possible. Just do not give up. Once you find yourself with a good group of friends, then you will find that it is quite easy to keep a fairly active social life. Good luck!

Taylor Fowanda writes about self help and personal finance.



  1. James Clarke on

    This is a great post. I loved your tips. For introverts like me, this is going to be very very useful. I’m keeping this bookmarked.

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  2. Yuck for 1 to 6 — NONE of these are necessary to do well in the world, unless one has a real interest in sports or talking about books or whatever. And as an introvert, it sounds like a nightmare to me at least — trying to force oneself into extroverted mode — unnecessarily. I have made my handful of ‘understanding friends’ without hunting for them in unnatural situations and my career is just fine. Everyone knows I hate socializing but they appreciate that I’m polite and have a sense of humor and have the right job skills — it’s enough.

    • I’m with you. I see no reason to conform to their way anymore. We’ve been forced to for too long in the past. It’s time we empowered ourselves and say “let us BE”.

    • Absolutely Agree.
      Just about everything on that list sound like an absolute nightmare to me. I don’t know anything about the author, but I find it hard to believe that this article was actually written by an introvert.

  3. I admit it, blogging is one of the most efficient ways of communication and connecting the world for an introvert. I speak about my personal experiences, I am an introvert and I’ve never been good at communication with people and connecting to anything. I’ve already tried the most items of your list, but since I’ve been a blogger, I’ve got some new friends and I already have been on a blogger event in my hometown! I think every introvert should give blogging a try!
    Peter@Peter Szabo Architekt´s last post ..Die berühmteste Architektin der Welt: Zaha Hadid

  4. For those who have doubt in opening their own personality in the world, they can use the tips above if they seem they want to open up already about their life. Following all those ten ways can greatly help in order to connect and open up introvert to the world.
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  5. This is good advice but only if these activities are something you naturally want to do, and would have done anyway, even if you didn’t want to make a change. People need to be authentic, not fake. Not every career requires networking, and no one “needs to network and make connections” unless they want to and it benefts them. I appreciate the desire to help others, but this post has a tone of “it’s not OK to be an introvert”, which is NOT true.

  6. Whilst I appreciate that this kind of advice is intended to be helpful, for me it is actually rather irritating. I mean, if I could do any of the things suggested I would be doing them already. And if I was already doing them I wouldn’t be an introvert, or at least not nearly as much of one as I am. It’s also a bit patronising, as it suggests we haven’t thought of this stuff. If advice is going to be useful the underlying message can’t be ‘just be like an extrovert’ because we’re not extroverts, we need ideas (that we haven’t already thought of) that work WITH our way of doing things. I admit that sometimes I need a push to get me out of my comfort zone, but this wasn’t it.

    • Comfort zones are underrated. Sometimes it just makes sense to stick to what you know and do best. This obsession with experience seeking, no matter how awful it is or how crap/uncomfortable you are when you try them, doesn’t make sense to me.

      • I’m at a loss about all the obsession not only with experience seeking, but the assertion that introverts must have something wrong with them for not having that obsession as well.

        I simply do what I like to do. I enjoy hiking and nature walks, horse riding, reading. I socialize in doses with family and people close to me. But I tend to only like being around other introverts. I like to keep things real.

  7. Crystal Tan on

    This is a nice thing to do.. Yeah right online intros getting much socializing events, they always meet new people and new friends. So for us, not much online then we could socialize this way, go to the gym, sports, sauna maybe, and other things.. Thanks for sharing, 🙂
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  8. I am an introvert. I had a hard time communicating until college. I decided to work it out and eventually I learned how to socialize with others. What I did is find something that I love to do and do it with other people and you will gain friends in the long run.
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    • Maybe you weren’t an introvert, but just shy or had a little social anxiety. For me, I have no trouble talking to people and socializing. The thing is, that I have no desire to do so. If I wanted to socialize, I would have no problems or shyness. People need to realize that we are not skipping the socializing due to shyness or anxiety. We are introverted and are HAPPY being alone.

    • I’m an introvert, and I have a lot of confidence. These things wouldn’t be difficult. However, they don’t appeal to me, because I’m introverted, so I won’t do them. Lack of confidence is not the issue with introverts. In fact, there is no issue with being introverted except for the fact that extroverts keep making assumptions about how we are, what is supposedly “wrong” with us for not being like them.

    • Dull? By whose standards? Yours? Who makes you the judge of what is right or wrong about personalities? Introverts are one of the healthy traits in Jungian philosophy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being who we want to be. Socializing is absolutely not important to developing personality. My personality comes from within, my own heart and being, and NOT from other people’s opinions and chit chat. I am very well educations, highly moral, funny, kind and have very loving relationships with people that respect me for who I am and would never say anything close to your judgmental and condemning statement. Listen Jeremy, introverts don’t go around condemning and judging extroverts. Is that what all that socializing taught you? To judge others?

      • I totally agree with you Shanti. I find it really offensive when extrovert judge introvert as “bad”, “wrong”, “sick”, and other pretty labels. I am an introvert too. I think this article has a really unfortunate implication. It’s like saying “introvert cannot connect with the world”.


  9. One of the main things about introverts is that they don’t dislike engaging with lots of people…there just needs to be a reason to do it.

    One of the best ways that I’ve found to meet people is to pick your favorite interest and try to find a class or challenge group. I’m currently doing Team in Training for cycling and its been a great way to meet people in a friendly environment while also doing something good for the world.

    Thanks for the post, these are great suggestions 🙂
    Steve MZ´s last post ..What is burnout? How to spot and avoid this productivity and job success killer

    • Introverts aren’t stupid. This was patronizing like the others said. We know how to connect to the world. And we do. In small doses as we wish. We’re happy being how we are. The only issue is the pressure of others and their expectations as if we have an obligation to be like them.

  10. Grace Sevilly on

    Great list… I can say something to add though… Anime conventions are a great way to connect with other people, as well as playing online games =)
    Grace Sevilly´s last post ..4thebeach.com

  11. This is a solid list but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be tailored for introverts. These tips are just basic advice you could give to anyone who is looking to meet new people. It’s so generic and a lot of it is common sense. As someone else above wrote, don’t you think most intorverts have already tried this? I mean we may be introverts but we aren’t cave dwelling martians.

    Maybe it would be better if instead of pointing us to the blinding obvious you gave us advice for overcoming the fear of singing up to new groups, for initiating conversations, and for managing our emotional and mental energy so we don’t drop out too early.

  12. Isn’t it annoying how many extroverts come onto these comments saying the same old presumption about introverts? That we lack self confidence, we don’t know how to make friends, etc? I know they think they are being helpful and I appreciate that they want to “help”, but they really have no clue. This site is about how to accept and love how we are. Not listen to a bunch of extroverts tell us how wrong we are for being the way we are.

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